The guidelines for a palliative approach to aged care in the community (COMPAC)

Palliative Care 

This free online training is designed for the Australian health context, and is available to participants by simply creating an account and logging in. This project is funded by the Department of Health and is developed by AHHA, with input from industry and other specialists.

This package of online training is comprised of two groups of modules:

  1. Modules 1 – 4 are based on the COMPAC best practice guidelines known as ‘The Guidelines for a Palliative Approach for Aged Care in the Community Setting’.
  2. Modules 5 – 6 are Skills modules covering Pain management and Recognising deteriorating clients.


Lung Foundation Australia

Over the last two years there has been an influx of new medicines for COPD.

In 2014 alone 6 new medicines and 3 new inhaler devices were introduced.

Lung Foundation Australia has released a series of instructional videos demonstrating the correct inhaler techniques for 10 inhalers. Patient handouts are also available. Visit the inhaler technique page on the Lung Foundation website: