Performance, Quality & Information

Colin Standing
Chief Information Officer

The PQI portfolio contributes to the overall objectives of Country SA PHN primarily via the delivery of support and services to the organisation as a whole, encompassing all portfolios and operations, as well as all general practices within the Country SA PHN region.

Within the PQI portfolio are three functional teams:

Practice Support

We exist to support general practice in its encounter and management of patients, data, systems and processes which enable best practice clinical care, care coordination and practice sustainability. We do this through targeted support, including practice visits, remote support, webinars, assistance with resources and education and more.

We support Country SA PHN’s overarching objectives by assisting general practices across the State to improve their capability and sustainability; achieve the highest standards in safety and quality; implement meaningful use of digital health; and data collection to support continuous quality improvement and provide information for PHN population health planning and needs assessment as part of the commissioning framework.

Information Technology

We design, develop, implement and support of all the required IT infrastructure and systems utilised by Country SA PHN.

We provide the technology, systems and security that enable Country SA PHN to achieve its objectives.

Information Services

We collect, manage and analyse data regarding demographics, population health and service distribution throughout the Country SA PHN area to inform evidence based decision making.

We provide the knowledge, information and analysis on issues such as health and service patterns, population profile, location of at-risk populations and other general analysis that supports all stages of the commissioning cycle.