Regional Strategies & Service Design

Suzanne Mann
Senior Manager – Regional Strategies & Service Design

What our team does

Regional strategies is responsible for strengthening the rural voice in all Country SA PHN planning and activities. We do this by having locally based staff who develop strong relationships and meaningful connections with both service providers as well as stakeholders and community leaders. Engagement with local communities, networks and forums ensures rural voices are heard at all levels of our organisation and facilitate effective local solutions.

We also provide support to our Community Advisory Committees.

How our team contributes to the organisation's objectives

By actively engaging with service provides and the community, the Regional Strategies team acquires extensive local knowledge and data that assists Country SA PHN to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of health services and improve coordination of care.

This, through effective commissioning of appropriate needs-based services, assists Country SA PHN to improve the coordination of care and the patient experience and journey.